Green energy is the new trend, and the most convenient, most abundant resource for green energy is the sun. It is also the easiest to turn into electricity because the solar cells will do all the work, and most of us have access to the sun. It is so easy that it comes in do it yourself solar panels assemble kits that will provide you with everything you need to get one up and running in hopefully, less than a weekend.

What’s inside?

There are several types of do it yourself solar panels kit but these are the most basic components:

  • Solar Cells– the silicone ones are the best and most popular. They come in different size squares or rectangles so that they can fit easily side by side.
  • Soldering equipment and flux.
  • Adhesives for the cells to mount them on the frame.
  • Instruction manual.

Batteries and frames are not always included in these kits because they are bulky and too expensive to ship. These kits come in many sizes in terms of the voltage and use. There are smaller kits for educational purposes, such as for teaching students about solar energy. These kits will only be enough to power a light bulb or a transistor radio.

There are also kits that are specifically designed to power a single device or appliance, like solar water heaters, or ones that can be used to power an air-conditioning unit.

There are also kits that will be able to help you get off the grid if you put in enough of them in your home, but this will take time since you will need to build them one by one.

Tips on Assembling the Solar Panel

  • Read the instruction manual and familiarize yourself with the terms and the names of the component parts. Make sure that all the parts are included in the box, and see if you need extra equipment that may not come with the kit, like pliers or gloves;
  • Work in a well ventilated area, with adequate light, and an accessible power outlet;
  • Find a large, clean, and flat surface where you can lay out all the parts including the frame without one ending on top of another;
  • For the smaller parts, it is advisable to have small containers to hold them in one place, and label the containers if necessary.

Always remember to have fun while you are doing this, and bringing in friends and family to help is an idea to consider. Remember that it is better to work on your DIY project slowly but surely, rather than quickly only to regret it later on.

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